Saturday, November 28, 2009

Top 10 countries looking for porn vs top 10 countries looking for science on the internet

Using the porn mode on Google Chrome, I happened to visit Google insight and I was wondering which countries are the top 10 ones looking for sex and porn on the internet.

Here is the list:
10. Somalia , that's right, the Anarchist dreamland where no powerful government exist since 1991, is no.10 on the list!

9. Ethiopia. 8. Cambodia. 7. Nepal. a lot of poverty does not mean no pron surfing.

6. India, they are looking for any search term.

5. Bangladesh. 4. Sri Lanka, insurgency, civil war and fighting is never an obstacle to find couple of xxx videos online.

3. Pakistan, it turned out that India is not the main concern for Pakistan.

2. Eriteria, and No. 1 Vietnam, communists are not against porn, it is a big misunderstanding.

The above is top 10 countries searched for word "sex" using Google. we don't know how many of them used Yahoo instead. or Yahoo Answers.

Top 10 countries looking for science discoveries, especially for water on the moon, they could be too thirsty though, are:

10. United Kingdom, plenty of salty water in the UK, how about some more moony water.

9. Italy, apparently looking for more water to fill Venice.

8. Poland, if you can't build a missile radar near Russia, how about some ice water on the border?

7. Australia, this is of course, when you have couple of great video games banned in your country, what you gonna do in your long sweaty free time? Look for extremely cold water on moon, to ice it.

6. Turkey, what's best after a good Turkish meal ? Cold moon water.

5. Thailand, just because there are a lot of tourists there, don't mean no time for science googling, and what is best for your thigh after a hot day than a cold water splash from the moon.

4. Canada, looking for more cold to add to the cold, kind of fighting fire with fire.

3. United States, Paris Hilton failed to make the news during that time, and same place that bombed the moon to get a bath of water moon.

2. India, I told you, India looking for every search term on the net. whatever you are searching for , there is a city in India looking for the same terms.

And no.1, Hungary! and I thought they are just hungry, it turns out thirsty too for some science, and ice water.

Diss Claim Err: this may not represent reality, since people looking for porn may use totally different terms, and beside some people like to use proxies.

NOTE: The Undocumented Spot is an undocumented sense, the non-sense we write makes a lot of sense.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day For Singles: Dating Your Hand

Dating, Having a dinner with and giving gift to your hand on valentine's day is certainly not a bad idea at all considering all the services, humiliation your hand provided you with, outweigh any cost.

Best advice for singles on Valentine's days, don't worry everyone is single at certain time, not always bad at least you realize how important your hand is.

Honestly that guy in the picture look like someone I saw in movie...wait , was he in Saw I, and Saw II, perhaps III and IV ? except without that crap on his cheek.

Oh and Happy Valentine.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paint Player, How to Play Movies in your MS Paint

Are you tired of playing boring movies in full screen without being able to entertain yourself? Do you want to write some facts such as "jackass" on the bad actors which means most of them? This is a tutorial on how to play movies inside Microsoft Paint, and draw on the movie, while the movie is playing.

The Video above illustrates the steps that I took, except it is not very clear due to my shaky camera, and the cable stuck while I was videotaping.

What you need:
  1. Movie, DVD no VHS.
  2. DVD drive to put in your DVD disc.
  3. Windows, since we don't recognize Mac as a computer.
  4. Microsoft Paint, you always have one if you really have windows.
  5. DVD player software, if you have DVD drive, and you can play movies, then you are fine.

How it works:
  1. Put the DVD disc in the DVD drive.
  2. Play the movie in your DVD software as normally you do when you watch porn DVDs, they work in the same way.
  3. Make the video to the full screen.
  4. After you see the movie is playing normally in full screen, look on your keyboard and find "Print Screen" key, usually it is near these useless keys at the top-right corner of keyboards. when you find it, click that key, make sure you click it well, the better way click it 4 times just in case.
  5. do not hide the window of the movie, keep it playing in the maximum view, but you need to reach to Start button of windows, you can either exit full screen, then resize it to maximum size, or just click on the windows key in your keyboard, usually located near your "alt" key and that keyboard dick key aka "Space Bar".
  6. now, open Microsoft Paint, normally called just "paint", you ll find it in Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> paint. It has icon of a paint bucket with silly brushes. click it.
  7. Resize paint to maximum size (full screen).
  8. Go to the top menu of pain, where it says file , edit. click on edit, then click paste
  9. now you can see movie in paint and you can draw on the movie.
M-a-g-i-c (magic).

Write me message if you want to know why this can be done. if it didn't work for you and you don't have Mac, send me message too.

Note: the only downside, is that you can't erase any drawing, only by pasting the same shot you took using "print screen", or by copying a box from "empty" area that you can see the movie through it and paste it on the areas you want to erase.