Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paint Player, How to Play Movies in your MS Paint

Are you tired of playing boring movies in full screen without being able to entertain yourself? Do you want to write some facts such as "jackass" on the bad actors which means most of them? This is a tutorial on how to play movies inside Microsoft Paint, and draw on the movie, while the movie is playing.

The Video above illustrates the steps that I took, except it is not very clear due to my shaky camera, and the cable stuck while I was videotaping.

What you need:
  1. Movie, DVD no VHS.
  2. DVD drive to put in your DVD disc.
  3. Windows, since we don't recognize Mac as a computer.
  4. Microsoft Paint, you always have one if you really have windows.
  5. DVD player software, if you have DVD drive, and you can play movies, then you are fine.

How it works:
  1. Put the DVD disc in the DVD drive.
  2. Play the movie in your DVD software as normally you do when you watch porn DVDs, they work in the same way.
  3. Make the video to the full screen.
  4. After you see the movie is playing normally in full screen, look on your keyboard and find "Print Screen" key, usually it is near these useless keys at the top-right corner of keyboards. when you find it, click that key, make sure you click it well, the better way click it 4 times just in case.
  5. do not hide the window of the movie, keep it playing in the maximum view, but you need to reach to Start button of windows, you can either exit full screen, then resize it to maximum size, or just click on the windows key in your keyboard, usually located near your "alt" key and that keyboard dick key aka "Space Bar".
  6. now, open Microsoft Paint, normally called just "paint", you ll find it in Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> paint. It has icon of a paint bucket with silly brushes. click it.
  7. Resize paint to maximum size (full screen).
  8. Go to the top menu of pain, where it says file , edit. click on edit, then click paste
  9. now you can see movie in paint and you can draw on the movie.
M-a-g-i-c (magic).

Write me message if you want to know why this can be done. if it didn't work for you and you don't have Mac, send me message too.

Note: the only downside, is that you can't erase any drawing, only by pasting the same shot you took using "print screen", or by copying a box from "empty" area that you can see the movie through it and paste it on the areas you want to erase.


Anonymous said...

change video hardware acceleration and magic will finish

Ari Tea said...

Thanks Anonymous for stopping by,
I wonder now if you do change the video hardware acceleration, would one be able to print screen a frame from a movie, without help from another software? I ll test that, though I doubt it, and for that I'm not sure if it will end the magic, or simply it won't play any movie. I ll test and get back and post here

Thanks for your suggestion (;

Anonymous said...

man i did it once on acadent but now i cant and it doesnt work when i try

Ari Tea said...

Hi Anonymous
it always work for me, I learned it because I try to grab a screen shot from a movie forgetting that I can't do it that way.

Maybe something done wrong . Make sure you grab the screen shot using prntscr key while a dvd or cd is played in full screen, after you paste the image on MS paint, make sure to let the move play in a maximized window in the background, and the MS paint window simply will be above the movie window.

Linkz57 said...

The screenshot is unnecessary, as what you're picking up in that screenshot is a dark purple that the software displays which shows Direct X where to render the video (I think). This is why when you quickly and rapidly change the size or location of the video window, you'll see a bit of black-looking edges while Direct X tries to catch up to the new render location (again, a guess).

To better do this:
1: Play a video using DVD software or Windows Media Player or MPC (and likely some others)

2: Open MSpaint on Windows XP (or anything, really, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't work at all in Vista or 7. I haven't tried with 8, or with any version lower than XP, but 2000 likely works too)

3: Paint the canvas a specific dark purple (16, 0, 16 in RGB and #100010 in Hex [in paint you can do this by going to Edit Colors, then Define Custom Colors])

And that's it. FYI: right clicking with the eyedropper tool in MSpaint will change your secondary color to whatever you're hovering over. When you use the eraser tool, it writes over in that secondary color.

A note about item 2: I mean anything. Try this: right click on the desktop and choose properties to bring up the display properties. Go to appearance and then to advanced and color every item that isn't text 16,0,16 and everything that is text to anything else (white or black recommended). Now when you play a video (Media Player Classic or VLC are recommended, because they allow you to get rid of all of the program's user interface when you play a video) the video shows through every window and menu and looks kinda cool (if a little hard to read), especially if you're looping one of the videos from the Electric Sheep screensaver (

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